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over 3 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

Employment Law Changes

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The five employment law changes happening next month that you need to know about

There has been lots in the news recently about the five employment law changes coming into force in April that business owners and employees should be aware of:

  • National Minimum Wage

  • Statutory Sick Pay

  • Pay-slips  

  • Pension contributions

  • Tribunal pay-outs  

Some of the changes coming into play will affect the National Minimal Wage, which is going up. There will also be changes coming to the National Living Wage as well as pay slips. 

To get a better idea of exactly what is changing and the impact it will have, click here to read the article in full. 

Jeanette Barrowcliffe, our Finance Director comments: "Early April is always a busy time for UK payroll & HR teams with the application of the new PAYE and NIC allowances along with increases to National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage rates.  For this year though there are additional changes to what needs to be included on the payslips.  But the changes this year are nothing compared to what is coming next year - changes due to the Government’s Good Work Plan following the Taylor Review and IR35 changes in the Private Sector.  

Preparation is key and if you work with a recruitment agency they should be able to guide and help support you through these statuary changes for April 2019 and help prepare you for what is coming in April 2020.  If you would like to discuss these statutory changes get in touch..."

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