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about 2 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

Induction Challenge!

Induction Challenage

Every new employee at Meridian is sent on Company Induction to help them settled in and find out all they need to know about working for Meridian. Our HR advisor Richard is in charge of organising this and he likes to set the new inductees a challenge to break the ice (and because he is an evil genius)! This month the challenge was to take a picture with as many things in it as possible but there were a few rules!

  • Each thing in the photo, which is to be counted, must begin with a different letter of the alphabet... meaning a maximum of 26 things. 
  • They must label each thing that they wished to be counted with a “post – it” depicting the letter that it represents
  • Any item/ object/thing used to represent a letter which is used by another inductee will not be counted.... essentially each item will only count towards the total score if it does not appear in anyone else’s picture.

Head Office have joined in the madness and this is what they came up with (above) thanks to Ewan for posing! 

A- Advent Calendar
B- Balloon
C- Crayons
D- Didgeridoo
E- Ewan
F- Fan
G- Gloves
H- Highlighter
I- Ink Jet Cartridge
J- Jellybeans
K- Knife
L-  Lip Balm
M- Mogwai
N- Nail File
O- Orange
P- Paracetamol
Q- Quality Street
R- Ruler
S- Scissors
T- Tic Tacs
U- Umbrella
V- Violet Sweets
W- Welcome Card
X- X-Ray on Phone
Y-  Yeast Extract
Z- Zero Sugar Drink