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over 3 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

Client Testimonial - Broadways Stampings Limited

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Broadways Stampings Limited consists of two companies, Broadways Stampings and Dyson Diecastings. Both companies are manufacturing businesses based in Bletchley.

Dyson Diecastings manufactures parts utilising high pressure diecasting of both Aluminium and Zinc, all parts undergo CNC machining and other secondary operations post casting.  Dyson Diecastings employ around 100 staff including temporary labour.

Broadways Stampings manufacture pressed steel and aluminium parts using a range of presses from 40 to 800 ton. Many parts undergo secondary operations and assembly on robotised welding cells. 

Broadways employs close to 200 staff including temporary labour. Across both business we have between 60 and 80 temporary employees. Both businesses rely on temporary labour. Over the past years, we have experienced problems in retaining temporary staff and hence incur the not insignificant cost of continual training of new starters. We were approached by Meridian who suggested they could improve the situation. They attended our site several times and gave several very professional and compelling presentations. Not only did they suggest they could improve the situation but they explained how they planned to do it.

We decided to test them by awarding them the Dyson Diecasting contract as this is far smaller than the Broadways Stampings contract and so was less of a risk. We need not have worried. During the first few months of the contract the staff retention improved dramatically and is now well within acceptable levels. Following a long period of evaluation of the Dyson Diecastings contract performance we decided to award Meridian the Broadways Stampings contract, again we have seen vast improvements in staff retention even at the usual times of the year where temporary labour are tempted away by short term higher rates.

In a nutshell Meridian have delivered precisely what they suggested they could pre-contract awards.

Meridian are a professional and proactive company who tailor their approach to recruitment dependent on the needs of the business. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Matt Abrahams
Group Finance Director