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over 3 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

Meridian Socks Around the World

Mbs Socks Collage

When we posted the first photo of the Meridian socks on holiday in Dalyan, Turkey, courtesy of Aaron in Credit Control, back in August, we had no idea how far they would travel! We hoped people would get involved and they certainly did! Who knew Meridian employees were such a bunch of jet-setters! We have had sightings from Berlin to Borneo, Thailand to Tenerife! We even had a worrying moment when we received a photo of a pair of Meridian socks without an owner in the Everglades! 

Thank you to everyone who got involved! This is by no means the end of the challenge, if you want a pair of socks to take on your travels, just get in touch with

Aaron Shaw, Turkey | Jeanette Barrowcliffe, Borneo | Fran Parkes, Singapore | Zara Byrne - Dubai | Adrian Saffery, Thailand | Julianne Leitch, Tenerife | Nuala Slim, Tenerife | Adam Temme, Cyprus | Maderia, Nigel and Sarah Dobinson | Tracey Clay, Florida, Haiti, Mexico | Derek Skelton, Marbella | Pauline Folllows, Berlin | June Anderson, Morrocco