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over 4 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

How to Give a Winning Presentation

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Being asked to give a presentation at work is enough to fill most people with dread - if you're asked to present during the interview you'll be forgiven for feeling the pressure even more. Here is a great article from Total Jobs  about how to get pitch perfect in 4 steps with expert interview advice from The Apprentice finalist Claire Young.

1. Read the brief thoroughly

I know this sounds basic but you would be amazed at the amount of times I have seen people miss out key points or misunderstand an entire brief.

If you have any doubt go back and ask questions to clarify anything you are unsure of. This shows that you care and attention to detail is important.

2. Make sure that your presentation has a structure

A strong beginning, middle and end. First impressions are so important so practise your introduction and grab the audience’s attention straight away.

Tell them who you are, what the presentation is on and how long you have with them. This manages their expectations straight from the start.

3. Use key props and visuals

People are more likely to remember a picture than a slide full of text copy. Under no circumstances read bullet points from a PowerPoint slide. It is mind-numbingly boring!

Aim for one key point per slide and as a general rule 1 minute per slide. For example, a 5-minute presentation should equate to 5 slides.

Always close your presentation on a key point which you would like the audience to remember. Plus, keep an eye on time, I run strictly to time and when time is up, it’s up. Being able to manage a deadline is important and something I look for in candidates.

4. Practise, practise, practise!

Presenting is like most things in life. The more you practise the better you will become. Do it in front of a friend, your Mum, anyone who will be honest and give you feedback.

If are very nervous, write down some key words on ‘cue cards’. These will act as a prompt. Try not to read from notes as you will lose eye contact and sound stilted. It is much more natural to talk freely.

Be creative, be professional but most of all be YOU. Authenticity and presenting from the heart is what will get you the job! Good luck, and remember the most important accessory to wear is a big smile.


Source: Total Jobs