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over 4 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Linkedin reveals overused CV buzzwords


Following a study of UK talent acquisition professionals on the networking site, LinkedIn has released the top ten ‘overused’ phrases on their profiles with ‘motivated’ making top of the list, closely followed by ‘track record, ‘strategic” and ‘driven’.  

LinkedIn spokesperson Richard George, commented: “Recruiters spend a lot of time advising others on how to best present themselves as attractive candidates.
This list turns the spotlight back on recruiters, and hopefully provides some useful insights into how they can stand out from the crowd as they think about their own next move.” 

The full list of overused buzzwords in 2014: 

1. Motivated 

2. Creative 

3. Enthusiastic 

4. Passionate 

5. Track record 

6. Driven 

7. Extensive experience 

8. Wide range 

9. Responsible 

10. Strategic 

Source: Recruitment Grapevine Jan 2015