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over 4 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

5 Reason To Start Looking for a New Job


1. It Doesn't Bring You Joy  
Loving your work is loving the grind. It's getting so involved that all of a sudden you look up and it's 10 p.m., and the day flew by because you were so focused. When you dread getting out of bed and starting another day, most every day, it's time to pause and think about the fact that this is your life, and outside of a couple of grand moments, all we have is our every day. Finding joy in the every day, in the little things, is having joy in your life. Finding a job you love will go a long way towards finding happiness and fulfillment.

2. You Don't Foresee Improvement    
If there is not a lot of upward mobility in the company you work for, meaning there are a lot of executives and a lot of assistants, but not a lot of opportunity in between, or if you're climbing the corporate latter but your quality of life is not improving, then it's time to address the realities in your job, and see if they match what you want from life, and if it is making you happy. If they do not overlap, it is time to leave.

3. You Don't Like Thinking About The Future  
If you look at your superiors lives, and think to yourself, "I never want that," then it's time to think about moving on, whether it's from the company or your career. If their lives are not what you want, then you're in the wrong place.

4. You Have No Advocates
If you find your colleagues and superiors are not mentoring you or helping you, if you find yourself feeling very isolated most of the time, it might be time to think about changing companies or offices. If you are doing good work, but are surrounded by mediocre people, who are not serving yourself personally or professionally. If you have no advocates because you are not doing good work, so people are not supporting you, then the answer is the same, it is time to leave.

5. The Only Reason You Stay Is Fear 
If the only reason you stay in your job is because you're too afraid to make the change you want to make, it is an absolute sign that it's time to leave. If taking a risk was easy it wouldn't scare you so much. But you can't stay somewhere because you are too afraid to leave. No one has stayed in the same place because they were too afraid to leave and were happy with their decision. Gather the courage to take a risk, and bet on yourse