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over 4 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

The 11 worst things to say on your first day

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Starting a new job is a daunting experience, even for the most experienced and confident of employees. It may be that you chose to over compensate for nerves with wit or exuberance, and whilst this can work it can also backfire. Here are the 11 worst things to say on your first day: 

'When do I get a raise?'

'BTW, I have to leave early on Fridays.'

'Hang on ... I'm just finishing up this HR paperwork.'

'Who should I meet and who should I avoid around here?'

'That's not how I learned how to do it.'

'I heard [x rumor]. Is it true?'

'I'm going through a bit of a rough time.'

'What do you have to do around here to get an upgrade on this company phone?'

'My old boss was clueless.'

'I'd like to invite you all to my church this Sunday.'

'Hey, working hard or hardly working?!'