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almost 5 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

How to Deal with the 'Holiday Return'

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Returning to the workplace after a holiday can be difficult, especially after agile minds have become soft, as a result of sangria, sand and sun. Lie-ins have become the norm and the hardest decision one has had to make for a fortnight is where to go for dinner.

Gareth Williams, Chief Executive & Co-founder, Skyscanner

I mostly switch off on holiday and then do some prep before I go back to work. I used to manage emails daily, dialling into a meeting occasionally, but now I have a young family, I prefer to switch off. Taking time off is very important. It should never be something to be embarrassed about.

Phil Sheridan, Senior Managing Director, Robert Half UK

September is a prime time for employees to look for new jobs. As you start to think about the return to work, it’s a good time to re-evaluate career objectives. Think about your achievements and whether you feel challenged in your role, where your skills are being utilised and what you are enjoying about your job. Think about any opportunities to introduce greater variety and new challenges into your everyday role. Identify any additional training or development that can support your career aspirations so you can discuss them with your manager when you return. Setting yourself clear goals will ensure that your role doesn’t become static. If you still don’t feel that you’re close to fulfilling your objectives then take the time before your return to polish up your CV and practice interview skills.

Steve Jude, Chief Executive, Citibase

On holiday I am an early riser and my family are night owls, so I tend to clear most of my emails and work calls before they get up, which eases the process. During the day, I always have my phone with me. If I do not wish to be contacted, I switch it to silent. This relaxed approach is fine for me. When returning from holiday I leave my family to be joined by extended family for another week and fly back to the UK on a Thursday evening to get back to the office on Friday.

Source: Business Grapevine