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almost 5 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

Top Office Distractions

Talking To Colleague

A recent report from Fellowes has found that the UK loses 21 million days each month due to workplace distractions. Half of those asked admitted to being unproductive for up to one hour each day, whilst two thirds believe a four-day week would make them more proactive.

The report, which asked 1,000 office workers in June of this year, uncovered that almost half of those questioned said they get distracted up to 15 times every day, on average for 35 minutes.

Top British office distractions

1.     Chatting with colleagues (77%)

2.     Tea breaks (60%)

3.     Browsing the internet (47%)

4.     IT problems (42%)

5.     Colleagues’ bad habits (30%)

6.     Being too hot (37%)

7.     Uncomfortable workstations (25%)

8.     Uncomfortable chairs (25%)


Source: Business Grapevine