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over 4 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

Three Signs Your Colleague is Lazy

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Lazy colleagues put a strain on the whole department and cause bad feeling amongst the team. Here are three signs that your colleague isn't working as hard as they should be: 

1. They always seem stressed but never say why

A marker of an employee shirking their responsibility, is a determination to appear busy and stressed, but a refusal to say why. Naturally, a good colleague would want to help share the load, but a worker shifting responsibilities isn’t actually working at all. It’s a façade designed to make others believe they are ‘snowed under’. 

2. They are rarely at their desk

Lazy workers don’t want to appear as such. One way of doing that is to be rarely seen. Colleagues may often assume they are in meetings or having client calls, when more often than not they are schmoosing around the office killing time. Having repartee with co-workers is important, but not at the cost of responsibilities.  

3. They have an excuse for everything

The colleague in question will always have an answer as to why they haven’t’ done something – and will normally deliver it with such self-assurance that they convince most people. If you do end up calling them out, be prepared for them to play the victim. In this case, it’s important to raise the issue with a superior and let them know what’s really going on. 

Source: Business Grapevine