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about 5 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

The Skills Shortage

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At Meridian we have first-hand experience of the skill-shortage and the impact it is having on the local labour market. Brought on by perfect storm of record levels of low unemployment – the employment rate is at its highest since 1971 and the highest vacancies rates in recent years, approximately 75,000 a month. In addition, perm starting salaries continue to grow at the fastest rate in 11 months as do temp pay rates. All indictors are predicting that the situation will only worsen in coming months due to the uncertainty caused by Brexit.

Our branches have found the skills shortage to be particularly acute in the Office & Professional, Construction, Engineering, Automotive and Healthcare sectors. In sectors such as Healthcare, Construction and Hospitality, where the reliance upon EU nationals is particularly high, employers are worried that due to Brexit, EU candidates are now turning down work or leaving the UK.

People working in Sales and Customer Service are not as willing to take risks at the moment, only considering leaving their current employer if offered a significantly better salary/package. Mechanics are leaving the industry altogether due to low pay and mechanical apprentices are dropping out for jobs with more money and cleaner environment.

The Engineering sector is suffering, as not enough young people are entering the profession and skills and knowledge are being lost when experienced people retire.

What is Meridian doing to ensure we fill vacancies?

Meridian has the benefit of over 25 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, during this time we have built a strong reputation and trusted relationships with clients and candidates alike. This has left us in a strong position when it comes to filling difficult vacancies as we have the contacts and market insights to give us a head start.

Despite this, we have had to re-think the way we search for candidates; no longer relying solely on job boards and other traditional advertising routes. According to stats, 73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job through a social network and 51% of workers are satisfied with their current role, but are open to new opportunities.

At Meridian, we maximise our social media channels and online networking skills to expand our talent pool within the millennial and passive candidate market place. We ensure our consultants are up to date with the ever changing digital recruitment landscape and our continual research ensures we are always ahead of game regarding future technological developments in that space.

Our recruiters are experts in their fields and participate in industry specific forums on and offline, these offer a great resource for finding specifically skilled candidates.

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