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about 5 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

Perks of the Job


Here are 7 companies with the quirkiest perks 

Company: Mind Gym

Perk: Friday Night Cocktails. Mind Gym claim that they “use the latest psychology and behavioural science to transform how people think, feel and behave”. Offering Friday night mixers might be one step to transforming some behaviours.

Verdict: You make mine a Mojito – easy on the soda, heavy on the rum. It’s a thumbs up, here. Where’s their office?

Company: BrewDog

Perk: Paid Puppy leave

Verdict: The independent brewers that transformed craft beer into a must-have drink and also offer their staff a week to help new pups bed in. It’s surely a winner although they might find more of their staff suddenly become proud pet owners.

Company: JustEat

Perk: Friday night parties

Verdict: With free drinks, food and a DJ on offer, the food delivery firm are making sure their staff find little reason to leave the office. Though there’s every chance Christmas Party faux pas might occur every Friday, it’s a chance JustEat are willing to take to retain their hard workers – and hard partiers.

Company: The Phoenix Partnership

Perk: Trips around the world

Verdict: The Leeds-based IT firm offer employees sailing trips to sun-drenched locations across the globe. Personally, I know very little about computers but I’d be willing to learn – as Homer Simpson did with the ‘any key’ – if I was allowed to captain a boat to Barbados.

Company: Hotjar

Perk: Home office fund

Verdict: Hotjar not only offer staff the chance to ditch the commute and work from home, they give them just over £3,400 (€4000) to do so. We’re not sure if they require receipts, to ensure their workers are splashing the cash on Ikea desks rather than nights out, but if someone gave me several grand to work a few foot from my bed – I’d bite their hand off to take it.

Company: TransferWise

Perk: In office sauna

Verdict: The fintech giant has built an in-office sauna for its employees, bringing with it a multitude of health and wellbeing benefits.

Company: Smarkets

Perk: Decide your own hours, and full-time chefs

Verdict: The betting exchange business allow staff to set their own hours and choose what projects they work on. This self-management structure is gaining traction around the world, as staff often feel greater buy-in on projects they’ve decided to get involved with. With delicious food on offer, and a chance to have that lie-in when you need it, it looks like a winner from here.

Source: HR Grapevine