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about 5 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

Apprentice Star's Job Interview Advice

Nick Hewer

Nick Hewer, former star of The Apprentice, current host of Countdown and adviser on totaljobs’ #TheElevatorPitch, knows a thing or two about hiring having owned a PR firm for 30 years and served under Lord Sugar in BBC’s reality game show from 2005 to 2014.

So, when he gives interview advice the industry sits up and takes notice.

Speaking to the Metro he did just that. We collated the best advice and tips for you and your candidate below.

On the “big three” that employers want

“I think clarity, honesty and relevance are the big three that employers are looking for.”

On pre-interview nerves

“This nerves thing is a silly excuse for [a candidate] not sitting down quietly beforehand to think about what [they] have been doing and what [they] can offer.”

On what to wear

“[For women] well, ease off the cleavage! My wife is always pointing out how the clothes of newsreaders are far too low . . . She finds it inappropriate. Possibly, she minds it more than I do.

“[On always wearing suit] I was involved in a project in Preston putting old people to work and recruiting young people to work with them.

“The disappointment was that the young people were inept, ill-prepared, ill-dressed and disinterested; although they swore on a stack of Bibles that they wanted the job.

“They came in chewing gum with baseball caps on the wrong way round – fine if you are going for a job in a nightclub, maybe, but not when you are facing a suited 73-year-old bloke.”

On how quickly a hiring decision is made

“People make up their minds as soon as they walk in the door. The key is to make eye contact: firm eye contact and a firm handshake and thank them . . . And be on time!

“Also, walking confidently without appearing to be arrogant – no swaggering. Likeability is important.”

On candidates selling themselves without overselling themselves

“You need to be able to justify it. Modesty is a very attractive quality.” 

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Source: The Recruitment Grapevine/The Metro