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over 5 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

New Year Career Resolutions

Career Resolutions

With the New Year out of the way it's time to reflect on those resolutions that you made and perhaps didn't keep! 

Here, Recruiting Times look at some Career Resolutions to give your work life a boost.

Examine your career path

Looking at how you can progress and planning your next steps can help you to be happy in your career, providing focus and helping you to feel motivated to succeed with the challenges you have set yourself. Looking ahead can also clarify whether your current company offers you the opportunities you desire.

Be aware of your company’s vision

What are your company’s goals? If you are aware of your employer’s goals, you will have a greater awareness of where you fit into their bigger picture and can make your efforts count.

Pay attention!

It is often the case that you no longer notice things when you have been in a job for some time, which can cause you to stagnate and reduce your efficiency. Pay attention to how you can better interact with colleagues or perform better in meetings.


There are likely to be times at work when managers ask for assistance. If they do and you think you could add something, go for it; if this does not happen very often but you hear about a project that interests you, ask to join in. Even if you are turned down for some reason, your enthusiasm will have been noted and welcomed.

Have integrity in your work

This can apply no matter what level you are working at within your company. You should remain honest with your employer and be reliable. This can count for a lot when new opportunities, a Christmas bonus or pay rises are being considered.

Get fit

Whilst this is a common New Year’s resolution, it is not often seen as important in relation to careers advice; however, it is very important. Being fit can give you greater energy and the endorphins can make you happier. Happier and energised employees are likely to be more effective and creative in the workplace.

Monitor yourself

Ensure that your expectations of yourself match those of your managers – and don’t wait until your annual performance review to do this. Try to have a one-to-one meeting to discuss whether you are meeting targets. By being proactive, you can ensure that your employer is aware of all the good things you are doing.

Make sure you achieve your own work/life balance

If you feel that you are spending enough time with your family and friends and you are still working hard and happy in your job, you are likely to be striking the right balance right; if not, you may have to reassess. Make time to do this, as ensuring that you have sufficient time for play can help you to approach each day positively and your employer will reap the rewards of having a happy employee.