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over 5 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Top 10 UK Jobs with the Biggest Pay Increases

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With salary being listed as one of the top reasons people change jobs, it might be tempting to look at higher paying roles when conducting your job search. However, it is also important to think about how your pay may increase as your progress throughout your career. 

In Glassdoor’s latest report they have identified the top 10 jobs where pay has increased the most for employees with up to three years’ experience through to the salaries achieved by employees in the same role with eight years’ experience or more.  

  • Retail Assistant
    Salary increase – 247%
    Retail Assistant’s work directly with customers on the ‘shop floor’. They manage stock and displays and assist with any questions or enquiries. 

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  • Database Engineer
    Salary increase – 231%

    Database engineers design and monitor complex databases. They are tasked with ensuring the database is operational and valid and have an in-depth understanding of computer software, database technologies and programming. 

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  • Game Artists
    Salary increase – 214%

    Whilst this may be a video game fan’s dream, the role of a Game Artist is very complex. They work using computer software programs to create animation, characters and overall interfaces. Many employers will require a degree in the relevant field. 

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  • Account Executive
    Salary increase – 117%

    Account Executive roles are available across many sectors which is fantastic for those who like variety in their career. The role is vital within any agency as it is designed to co-ordinate all client activity and act as a go-between between the two. 

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  • Auditor
    Salary increase – 105%

    Auditors prepare and examine financial records for organisations. They assess financial operations and work with clients to ensure the business is running efficiently. 

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  • Designer
    Salary increase – 95%

    Graphic Design is a more complex role that it may appear. Whilst you don’t have to be a talented artist, an eye for detail, creative flare and technical know-how is vital. Graphic Designers develop visually stimulating concepts that captivate consumers.

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  • Recruiter
    Salary increase – 91%

    Recruitment is a massively growing industry. Recruiters act as a go-between for companies as they look for new employees; matching the company and existing team to the person with the right skills. 

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  • IT Executive
    Salary increase – 90%

    This senior level professional position supervises computerised information systems for organisations. IT Executives can be heavily involved in on-site applications and troubleshooting. 

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  • Marketing Manager
    Salary increase – 86%

    Marketing Managers co-ordinate campaigns for the clients or employers. The role is broad and differs from company to company, again giving the option for variety across careers. 

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  • Front End Engineer
    Salary increase – 79%

    Front End Engineers program visible features on websites by writing HTML, CCS and JavaScrip. As with most technology sectors, the environment for developers changes rapidly, so keeping up with the latest innovation is vital. 

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