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over 5 years ago by Eavanne Allen

The Gender Pay Gap in Tech

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Many argue that the gender pay gap in tech is simply due to different choices that men and woman make. This suggests that there is a male-female pay gap in tech simply because men and women have chosen to work in different roles. A common argument is that once you account for this, the gender pay gap ceases to exits. 

In a recent Glassdoor report they were able to carefully measure the gender pay gap – both in tech and through the economy more generally.  The report found that the pay gap in tech is real and wider than in many sectors. Among 12 of today’s most popular tech roles for which Glassdoor had the most data, 75% of the tech occupations we examined had gender pay gaps above the national average of 5.4%, even after controlling for workers’ education, experience, locations and more.  


Adjusted Gender Pay Gap %

Computer Programmer 28.3%
Game Artist 15.8%
Information Security Specialist 14.7%
Software Architect 10.6%
SEO Strategist 10.2%
Front-End Engineer 9.7%
Database Engineer 9.7%
SharePoint Developer 9.2%
Systems Technician 8.3%
Data Analyst 7.2%
Systems Administrator 6.8%
Software Engineer 6.0%
Programmer Analyst 5.2%
Product Manager 4.3%
Mobile Developer 2.9%
Hardware Engineer 1.9%


If you would like to know more about this report, visit the Glassdoor website. 

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