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over 5 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Job Hunting Over Christmas

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It is a common misconception that companies stop employing over the holiday period. Candidates who buy into this needlessly pass up on hundreds of good employment opportunities and increase the time it takes for them to move on.

To help you stay motivated for the rest of the year, remember these five reasons why you should keep job hunting over the holidays. 

  1. Less competition

    Not only do many unemployed candidates stop searching for jobs over the holidays, but those with jobs who are considering a career change are more likely to stay with their company until the New Year to make sure they received bonus
  2. Hiring Managers are easier to reach

    Decision makers are less likely to be travelling as the holidays approach. Instead they will probably be focusing on finishing projects, meeting with colleagues and attending holiday gatherings. 
  3. Companies will responder quicker

    Just like everyone at this time of year, companies will be wanting to wind down their search for new employees and fill up vacancies quickly. This doesn’t mean they will hire the first person who sends in their CV but it does mean that they are more likely to be in touch if you meet the brief. 
  4. Avoid the New Year rush

    The New Year is full of reminders for a fresh start, turn over a new leaf and set new career goals. With Find a New Job listed as one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, by maintaining your job hunt through the holidays you’ll have your CV in before anyone else. 
  5. People are more positive

    Everyone is a little happier at the holidays, so play this to your advantage whether this is in networking, trying to reach hiring managers or simply arranging interviews. 

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