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over 5 years ago by Eavanne Allen

5 Things Only People who Work Over the Festive Season Know

Christmas Party

To many the thought over working over the holidays fills them with dread. But for some there is no option but to work over Christmas*.

Today we look at five things only people who work over the festive season know. 

  1. You will grapple with the temptation of extra money or time off in lieu for volunteering to work

  2. You must meticulously research and play your trip to work as public transport basically shuts down

  3. You will constantly be asked; 'Why didn't you just book the time off?'

  4. It is inevitable that people will bring in a lot of junk food

  5. There is always one colleague who takes the Christmas spirit vibe a bit too far


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*Note: Some people even chose to work over Christmas!