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over 5 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Should Co-workers be Friends on Facebook


Last year there was uproar when a workplace tribunal in Australia ruled that unfriending someone on the social platform is tantamount to workplace bullying. This happened after a colleague unfriended another after an argument and the case ended up at the Fair Work Commission.

The verdict shocked many into re-examining their social media practices at work. With more than one billion people active on Facebook it is inevitable that our virtual lives will overlap with our professional ones eventually.

Instant Offices’ Head of Marketing, John Williams looks at the pros and cons of ‘friending’ your colleagues.

Reasons against being Facebook Friends with Co-workers

  • You could lose your job. This might seem extreme, however there are countless cases of employees losing their jobs over social media rants gone wrong.
  • Your career could take a knock. According to The Telegraph, almost half of employers have rejected a potential employee after finding incriminating material on their Facebook page.

Reasons why you should be Facebook Friends with Co-workers

  • Create strong bonds. Creating bonds outside the workplace not only helps to strengthen relationships within teams, but also creates comradery which can lead to a happier working environment.
  • Improved communication. When an employee connects with a manager on Facebook, the social interaction can lead to a better relationship .
  • Improve perception. Giving colleagues and bosses a glimpse into your personal life will help them form a well-rounded view of you. Social media humanises us and magnifies our personalities and sharing that with our co-workers can not only enhance how we are perceived, but also help us be seen in a different, more positive light.

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