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over 5 years ago by Debbie Lloyd

Things you Should Never say When Asking for a Raise...

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Things You Should Never Say, When Asking For A Raise

Asking for a raise at work is never going to be a comfortable conversation...

To make the best out of a bad situation Instant Offices have come up with nine things you should always avoid to make sure you're on the path to a higher pay.

“I quit!”  (Unless you are prepared to.) It will result in your employer feeling cornered, and have them questioning your long term loyalty to the company.

“I want it now!” Don’t ask for a raise just after your company has announced poor financial results. It will indicate that you don’t have the company’s interests at heart – which will then decrease you chance of getting a raise.

“I deserve 200k a year.” Keep your expectations realistic. Research a number of job ads similar to your position and adopt the average salary as your expectation.

“I demand a raise.” Length of service alone is not a strong enough case for a salary review. Rather negotiate for that raise and demonstrate why you feel you deserve one.

“I want £X.” Never reveal your number first as your boss may be considering offering you more than you would have requested. Also don’t be afraid to request more than what they offer if you feel their offer is unreasonable.

“It’s all about me.” It’s not actually about you, it’s about the company. Highlight what you have brought to the table, and what you will continue to offer.

“And another thing….” If you are asking for a raise don’t ask for other things at the same time. It complicates the negotiation process and rarely works. Stick to the point and negotiate well.

“But they get more than me.” What other people get is not your business. Focus on your qualities and achievements and don’t involve others.

“But I’ve just bought a boat.” Your personal circumstances changing isn’t justification for a salary increase. It’s best to keep that out of the negotiation to keep it on track.​​