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almost 6 years ago by Helen Doughty

UK Employees Still Optimistic About Career Prospects


The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has understandably resulted in questions about the impact it will have on the UK jobs marketing. A survey of more than 28,000 UK-based candidates by Jobsite suggests that employees in the UK are facing this period of uncertainty with a positive outlook, with;

  • 62% of respondents suggesting that Brexit could have a positive effect on the future success of their current employer.
  • 60% of respondents believe Brexit could have a positive effect on their salary.

Those with jobs in the engineering sector appear to be most optimistic about the future with 68% of those working in the sector suggesting that they believe the effects on the company will be positive following Brexit.

Jobsite believe that there are two likely reasons for this. Firstly, the global status of engineering qualifications will be unaffected by the result of the referendum. Secondly, there’s the continuing issue of skills shortages. According to recent findings, Britain needs to produce 69,000 more engineers every year to meet the demand. In short, engineers are now and will continue to be very in high demand.