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about 6 years ago by Eavanne Allen

The EU Referendum: Every Vote Counts

Eu Referendum 1

On Thursday 23rd June 2016 the UK will decided whether or not to remain in the European Union.  Both campaigns have offered two very different versions of the future and arguments from both sides have at times become heated.  

In their final pole before referendum day, the Telegraph reported a significant boost in support for remaining in the EU, closing the gap between the two sides. This makes every vote even more important, especially when considering that unlike the general election, Thursday’s vote will simply be a tally of those who are ‘in’ verses those who are out, with a straight majority needed to generate the result.

Whilst the deadline for postal votes has passed, all registered voters will still be able to vote at their local polling station.  Details on your local polling station will have been posted to you; alternatively you can find this information by contacting your local authority directly. 

EU Fast Facts

  • The EU is a partnership of 28 countries.
  • An estimated 508.2 million people lived within the EU in 2015. 
  • The capital of the EU is Brussels, Belgium.
  • The UK joined the European Economic Community (as it then was) on 1st January 1973, along with Denmark and Ireland.
  • A referendum was held in 1975 to determine if the UK should remain part of the Community and 67% voted in favour of continued membership.