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about 6 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Get Off to a Good Start: Getting Recruitment Right the First Time

Getting Recruitment Right The First Time

An organisation is only as efficient as the people it hires, to make sure your company stays at the top, recruiting at the right time is key. Training and recruitment can be both timely and expensive, so when you are recruiting new staff, make sure you get it right first time.

Selecting the right employees remains a challenging task; you want people that are not only right for the job role, but fit your company culture and values. People you select for your company can literally determine how your business will grow and function. Eventually, wrong hiring choices can be devastating to your organisational performance and productivity, and cause needless expenses. To avoid costly errors, follow these tips:

Recognise what you need

 When hiring new people for a role, make sure you have a good understanding of your requirements. Take the time to think about the specific details of the job and what it will involve. For that, you need to create a detailed job description with definite objectives for the role. Get your team involved and brainstorm ideas for the position. 

Understand the type of Person and Experience you need for the role

Successful selection of candidates depends on recruiting people who are the perfect cultural fit for your business. Invest some time in creating a complete profile for the ideal candidate you believe will succeed in your organisation. 

Allow time for the Hiring Process

To make sure you get it right first time, make sure you carefully assess candidates before short listing them for the next round of interviews. Ideally, the preliminary selection process takes about 3-5 weeks. You would then need another 2 weeks to schedule and conduct final interviews, extend offers and get your offers accepted. In total, this will require around 10-12 weeks from start to finish. 

Prepare a complete and accurate Job Description

Providing a vague job description will hinder the job process significantly, you may end up wasting resources on interviewing or assessing unsuitable candidates,. By providing a complete and accurate job description, you can narrow down the candidate pool and make the process much easier. 

Hiring for Vision

Your vision, culture and business values are the most powerful pillars of your business. Nevertheless, they’re absolutely meaningless without a proactive team - one that takes ownership of the organisational vision and commits its energies and efforts to helping your organisation achieve its business objectives and goals.

Without the right people, it is impossible to maintain a great culture. Just as important as assessing their technical skills and work ethic, it is essential to identify if a candidate offers a perfect fit for your organisational culture. Especially within a vision-based company, every new hire will either strengthen or weaken your organisational culture. 

Once you’re clear on that, you can simply design selection criteria and processes that assess the cultural fit of a potential candidate. The cultural fit is most commonly assessed by:

  • Adding filtering tasks and questions in the job application procedure
  • Pre-interview screening to assess whether the candidate offers a perfect match of values
  • Asking direct and in-direct questions related to attitude and behaviour during job interviews
  • Interacting with potential candidates before making a formal offer

Finding competitive individuals with exceptional skills and talent requires work and clear and well-defined strategies. Seeking out, identifying, hiring and then connecting with employees who specialise in your particular niche is essential for the long term success of your business.