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over 6 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Do you know if your suppliers are compliant?


There has never been a more important time to know your supply chain - it is your reputation and business on the line if something does go wrong. 

The only way to know if your suppliers are compliant and aligned with your culture is to truly partner with them and understand their practices and the way they work. Meridian Business Support held a breakfast seminar, in Manchester City centre, on Thursday 11th February, exploring the reasons why businesses should partner with their suppliers; including the impact of the Government’s intention to remove tax relief on home-to-work travel and subsistence for temporary workers.  

The guest speakers included Simon Whitehead, Partner at HRC Law an expert on Travel and Subsistence Changes for Temporary Workers and Contractors. Mark Smith, Head of EAME Recruitment from Caterpillar explained how he partners with his recruitment supply chain and Kevin Green, Chief Executive from the REC, talked about the current state of the UK jobs market and REC’s Good Recruitment Campaign. 

The event concluded that preparation with your recruitment partner and gaining specialist advice is crucial to navigating the change in legislation. 

Mark Smith and Kevin Green both reiterated the importance of building a successful relationship with your supply chain partners through communication, trust and honesty and Kevin finished by suggesting companies to sign up to The Good Recruitment Campaign.  

Jeanette Barrowcliffe, Finance Director at Meridian Business Supports says:

The seminar provided delegates with a better insight into the T&S legislation change and how choosing the right recruitment partner is critical to protecting your business and reputation. Thanks to the speakers for their expertise and Barclays for their hospitality”