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over 6 years ago by Helen Doughty

What's the most in-demand job for 2016?


The booming UK jobs market has officially seen unemployment rates drop to pre-crisis levels – resulting in a decade-low unemployment rate of 5.2%. This puts the world of job hunting firmly at the feet of candidates, and with 7.7m workers across the UK citing that they will search for a new job role next year, we take a look at which job roles are set to be the most in-demand in 2016.

So if you’re considering a new role or if you’re looking to fill one of these in-demand roles, Meridian could help you with your next move.   

1. IT 

The technology industry is fast-moving and it’s extremely common for professionals to move between businesses frequently, progressing their careers and learning about the latest technologies and software in order to continually develop new skills. Demand for IT professionals is surging. Those with strong Java knowledge, or Java developers with just one or two years’ experience can now demand an annual salary of £35,000 – just a year ago those at this level were looking at salaries of £28,000. Web developers in general can look at an average advertised salary of £39,141.

According to the latest data, there were 105,760 jobs advertised in the IT sector in February 2015, a rise of 6pc in six months – and this trend is predicted to continue throughout 2016. 

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2. Accountancy and Finance

Although not quite reaching the same numbers as IT, there are currently 85,780 accountancy and finance vacancies available, after a significant 11% rise in the last six months. A Chartered Accountant earns an average salary of £33,638 per year.

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3. Healthcare, Medical and Nursing

The UK’s shortage of nurses has been well-documented throughout 2015. It is hoped that this shortage will not go unacknowledged by the NHS in 2016, and with plenty of vacancies currently available it is an encouraging time for those searching for a role. 

Recent figures from the health service suggested that one-in-five new nurses in hospitals comes from abroad. Staff nurses earn around £22,000 a year, a starting salary figure which rises with experience, and salaries at the most senior level can reach almost £100,000.

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4. Construction & Property

Due to high demand, salaries for some construction professionals have risen by more than 10% over the last 12 months. Furthermore, advertised vacancies in the construction sector have risen 25% in the same period – again a trend expected to continue through 2016. 

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5. Marketing

The biggest industry increase across the board in 2015 came in marketing – with a staggering 75% increase in advertised roles. Salaries in the sector can range from £18,000 to £100,000 for the top roles. Marketing managers typically earn around £47,000 a year.

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