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over 6 years ago by Helen Doughty

7 Million Workers Want a New Job in 2016


With the New Year on the horizon, new research reveals how 7.7 million of the nation’s workers resolve to get a new job in 2016.

The news comes from a new survey amongst over 3,300 workers; just weeks after the ONS announced that there are now 31.2 million professionals working in the UK. The research conducted by CV Library reveals:

  • Over half of UK workers (54.1%) plan to make a New Year’s resolution for their career in 2016
  • Almost one-third of professionals (30.5%) admit that going back to work in January makes them feel unhappy with their jobs
  • So, unsurprisingly, 46% of those who will make resolutions have ranked ‘getting a new job’ as their priority for 2016
  • Interestingly, recruitment professionals are least likely to leave their jobs, with only 26.7% resolving to find a new job next year

This research, coupled with the ONS data, suggests that 2016 could see over 7 million employees on the look-out for new job opportunities. This is certainly worrying news for businesses, as 2016 has already been dubbed ‘Year of the Candidate’; operating in a prosperous job market, these applicants will have more control over the recruitment process in the New Year than ever before. With skills shortages increasing, and candidates being more selective with the jobs they apply for, over 7 million employees changing careers could spell real trouble for businesses across the nation.

Commenting on the findings, Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, says,
“It’s unfortunate that a huge proportion of the UK’s professionals are unhappy in their jobs. However, it’s great to see that workers are feeling empowered to take control of their careers.

Traditional career paths are changing, and as a result, job-hopping no longer holds such negative connotations. With options such as flexi-time and remote working now more accessible than ever, candidates looking to find their perfect fit in 2016 are in an ideal position.

“Businesses need to be prepared to pull out all the stops in 2016; they’ll need to work hard to hold on to talented employees, as well as fighting to draw in the best new candidates. With workers choosing to leave their jobs in 2016 in the knowledge that they hold all the cards, employers have a challenge ahead of them when it comes to January. However, ensuring that workers feel valued and supported is a good place to start.”