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about 6 years ago by Helen Doughty

UPDATE: Meridian Warns Candidates of Fake Job Posts and Recruiter Impersonators


Important Update: It has been brought to our attention that additional email addresses are being used in association with a scam to impersonate Meridian Business Support recruiters. We can confirm that the following email addresses are not associated with Meridian Business Support or any official Goverment programme.


We are closely monitoring the situation for developments and updates and remain persistent in our reporting of fake profiles and posts that have been brought to our attention. Should you know of any additional emails and profiles being used to impersonate Meridian Business Support staff or to circulate bogus job advertisements, please contact and include any information you have.

Meridian Business Support is urging candidates to be wary of job posts and offers they come across via email and social media following a surge in fraudulent recruitment activity online.

The warning comes as scammers have been reported to be sending out fake emails and social media posts containing job adverts and offers using falsified Meridian branding, including identical email addresses and social media profiles.

Mark Mitchell, chief executive of Meridian Business Support, says: “A number of falsified emails and job posts have been brought to our attention that have been crafted by fraudsters using the Meridian Business Support name and identical company branding.

Currently, we are aware that one email address being used to impersonate a Meridian Business Support consultant is We can confirm that this is not an official Meridian Business Support email address.

These phony job posts and offers are very sophisticated and significant effort has been made by the scammers to fool candidates. It is important that candidates do not respond to any items that they believe may be fraudulent. Should there be any doubt over the authenticity of a correspondence, then we are urging those that view these posts not to engage with them using any means.

It is important to note that no member of Meridian Business Support staff will ever ask for your bank or card details under any circumstances. In addition, we will never ask a job applicant to cover costs for items such as immigration visas and insurance expenses.

We strongly advise that anyone who receives these false solicitations to either safely delete them or report to Action Fraud by visiting”

According to SAFERjobs, a voluntary organisation that combats and raises awareness of criminal behaviour affecting the recruitment sector, 70,000 jobseekers fall victim to job scams every month with 19-24 year olds most likely to fall victim.