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about 7 years ago by Helen Doughty

Face Facts: New LinkedIn Photograph Research


A new post from HR Grapevine has revealed that certain facial expressions can improve the way you are perceived, meaning that getting the right LinkedIn profile picture is more important than ever. 

According to the report, pictures showing facial characteristics associated with smiles and happy expressions are considered more trustworthy than angry, negative expressions. Perhaps this research confirms something we already knew – as Sir Richard Branson pointed out, your “competitive advantage” is your smile.

6 Tips for LinkedIn profile pictures: 

  • Do: personalise your profile with an image of yourself
  • Do: make a better impression through a happy image with a smile
  • Do: use a headshot, rather than a full-body picture
  • Do: use an up-to-date picture, instead of something that is clearly decades old
  • Don’t: use a selfie
  • Don’t: include anything that is not work appropriate or could be seen as unprofessional (so sunglasses, social pictures and wedding snaps are out!).