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about 7 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Digital Disruption or Delight?

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If you Google how to avoid digital disruption then 19,500,000 searches are returned, why can’t there just be one? Another 19,500,000 pages to sift through until you find what you need. But what is digital disruption?

It is actually about leveraging innovation, becoming better at whatever job you do by developing the skill of digesting what information you want or need instead of ‘filing’ these emails into a ‘to read’ folder that never gets opened, let alone read, digested and used effectively.

Email traffic in the UK accounts for a large part of the typical day for office-based roles, according to Mind Tools skills can be developed in order to manage these disruptions to your day more effectively. 

Allocate time slots to check emails for example, try this for one morning, then a full day and progress to a whole week. This not only frees up your time to concentrate on more strategic or project level work but it also starts to manage the expectations of your colleagues. If they are used to a 30 second response, increase that to 30 minutes. 

Read more top-tips on using rules to manage non-essential emails at 

By taking control over how severely digital distractions effect you, you can start to see the real benefit of all of those ‘to read’ emails. Information is knowledge, and knowledge is power so start digesting the content that you are served or you will be starved of a fresh perspective that even the most cynical person cannot dismiss.