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over 7 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Staff Availability January 2015

Staff Availability Jan 2015

Recruitment consultants are asked to report whether availability of permanent and temporary staff has changed on the previous month. An overall indicator of staff availability is also calculated.

Availability of permanent staff

Permanent staff availability continued to deteriorate in December, continuing the trend observed since May 2013. Although marked, the latest fall was the slowest in eight months. Around 42% of panellists reported lower permanent candidate availability, compared with approximately 8% that signalled a rise.

Lower permanent staff availability was signalled across each of the monitored English regions, with the sharpest fall recorded in the Midlands.

Availability of temp/contract staff

The availability of candidates to fill short-term roles worsened further in December. The rate of decline was strong, having accelerated since November.

London-based agencies reported the most marked reduction in temporary/contract staff availability, followed by those in the South. 

Source: REC's Report of Jobs, 7th January 2015