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over 7 years ago by Eavanne Allen



Increasingly appearing at the top of the agenda of many HR professionals is the complex issue of employee wellness in the workplace, particularly in the context of Presenteeism which often remains undetected in the workforce, creating many other workforce management issues.

Meridian Business Support believes it’s time to shine the spotlight on stress- related illness in the workplace starting with a high level roundtable event which took place on Thursday 4th December where the effects of Presenteeism and the cost to British businesses were  discussed.


     HR and legal professionals, together with subject matter experts shared knowledge and experience to help dispel myths and focus on what can be done to mitigate risk in the work place.

     Much needs to be done in order to support the HR community to fully understand how to identify and manage Presenteeism  within the workforce and how to provide support to those in need, including those who find it difficult to either manage or help a colleague with a stress-related illness. A series of actionable outcomes from this event are shown below and will help equip HR teams to manage the risks that inevitably come with this issue.

     Read the series of actionable outcomes