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over 7 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Learn More About Your Labour Market

Learn More About Your Labour Market

Any business competing for skills needs to consider the impact of the improving economic climate. They should consider the availability of skills in the local area, the competition for skills from other businesses and the likely pressure on earnings.

Using EMSI, our powerful analytical tool, together with our established market presence and significant recruitment industry expertise, Meridian is able to support our customers in taking a strategic approach to their recruitment planning as well as delivering essential services on the ground.


 EMSI’s labour market tool gives users unprecedented access to detailed labour market information. Every year, the data is updated with more than 20 million data points describing labour market conditions across Great Britain. It is one of the most accurate and reliable sources of labour market information available today and is used to build strategies for businesses and aid in course planning for FE and HE colleges.