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over 7 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Is Your Job In Demand?


The REC’s November Report on Jobs Outlook is out, outlining the skills and jobs that are in the greatest demand this month. The report shows that Engineering was the most in-demand category for permanent staff (closely followed by IT & Computing) and the slowest rise in demand was in the Hotel & Catering sector.

  1. Engineering (-)
  2. IT & Computing (-) 
  3. Accounting/Financial (-) 
  4. Executive/Professional (-)
  5. Nursing/Medical/Care (-)
  6. Secretarial/Clerical (7)
  7. Construction (6)
  8. Blue Collar (-)
  9. Hotel & Catering (-)


Construction slipped from 6th to 7th, trading places with Secretarial/Clerical which rose one place to 6th from October's report.

Temp & Contract Staff

Nursing/Medical/Care is in most demand for short-term roles, closely followed by Engineering.

  1. Nursing/Medical/Care (-)
  2. Engineering (-)
  3. Secretarial/Clerical (5) 
  4. IT & Computing (-)
  5. Blue Collar (3)
  6. Accounting & Financial (-)
  7. Executive/Professional (9)
  8. Hotel & Catering (-)
  9. Construction (7)

Key permanent staff skills in demand include

Financial: Accountants, Audit, Banking, Compliance, Credit Control, Payroll, Risk, Tax. 
Blue Collar: Drivers, Trades, Unskilled Staff. 
Construction: Architects, Estimators, Quantity Surveyors, Site Agents. 
Engineering: Engineers, Quality Managers. 
Executive/Professional: Advertising, Procurement, Solicitors
IT/Computing: Developers, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Java, .Net, SQL, PHP, Web Designers
Nursing/Medical/Care: Care Workers, Nurses. 
Secretarial/Clerical: Secretaries
Other: Call Centre, Customer Service, Languages, Sales.

Key temp skills in demand include

Accountancy/Financial: Accounts, Transactional Finance. 
Blue Collar: Forklift Drivers, LGV Drivers, HGV Drivers, Trades 
Construction: Project Managers
Engineering: Engineers, Nuclear, Rail.
Hotel/Catering: Chefs
IT/Computing: Developers, IT Security, .Net, Oracle, SAP 
Nursing/Medical/Care: Domiciliary Care, GPs
Secretarial/Clerical: Receptionists
Other: Customer Service, Languages, Sales, Reprographics

Have you seen your job or skills here? You should take the opportunity to improve your work situation if you're not 100% happy with your role. To discuss your next career move, get in touch with a Meridian recruitment specialist.