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over 7 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Central Services Poem

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Who are Central Services? I hear everyone ask, Is this lean model, a team built to last? 
Here is an introduction of who is who,
And a brief summary of what the trio do!

Kerry is in the engine room at our Huntingdon Hub, Resourcer, payroll genius & administrator of our club, She is the 
oracle of our information highway, She expects the unexpected & helps us on our byways!

Belinda & Patricia travel far & wide,
Sourcing, servicing & smiling as they attract clients onside.
In what counties, is their time spent?
Herts, Beds, Bucks, Cambs, Oxfordshire & Kent

The only way is Essex - we are proud to shout that & stand tall!
As we strive to develop London too with our business at RECALL.
How do we follow that - some would say what is NEXT?
To us that's a couple of warehouses to service & leaves us rather vexed!

And then there is our favourite client - the lovely FCC!
Household waste sites, MRFs, landfills can actually fill us with glee!
With our versatility & networking we can operate in Dyson mode, Sucking up the business that others can't fill or control!

With National agreements in situ our margins make us stress, But we focus on the National gains otherwise league tables would make us depressed!
We sometimes work remotely & have to work some girlie magic, Lead times to fill bookings are occasionally nothing short of tragic!

So here is a little taster of events that have happened in the last few days, To give you a little insight into our operational plays.
Mass registrations at Hodders as we ramp up for some new projects, The finale of days of prep work sifting through CV's & filing the rejects!

New staff inductions at Next, will our newbies survive, The boredom of a DVD with the repetitive 'Dip & Drive'?
FCC Sutton Courtenay & inductions by the score, Risk assessment overload is becoming a bit of a chore!

A couple of temp to perms this week is always a delight!
The process to rebuild the people pool is a challenge not a fight.
We picked up some temporary admin bookings, a weighbridge operator & a couple of pickers, I think we might struggle to make this rhyme unless we use the word knickers!

We also operate out of Milton Keynes, so if you are out & about, We are really happy to help you so please just give us a shout!
If you think geographically, we may be in the know, Call o'double three, three, four, o'five three five two o!

From Central Services girl power - Kerry Hartop, Belinda McAtamney & Patricia Jordan