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almost 8 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Are over 50s less employable?

Are Over 50s Less Empoyable

From last month's edition of Work Life, Hannah Dowling, a temporary admin worker from Hereford asked:

"I would like to ask if you have noticed any difficulties in placing older people (over 50’s) in employment – especially now there is a younger [cheaper?] tranche of recruits available.

I am aware of many (across the country) that now have to work now until they are 67 (or beyond) but find employers do not short list them – even for temporary positions! There is a lot of experience going to waste and, as the situation gets increasingly desperate, they are more than likely to accept the lower wages offered to new starters so are most certainly not more expensive employees."


Thank you for your question, while Meridian does not retain the age of candidates we place into permanent roles, we do have a database of information on Meridian's temporary workers.

Consulting this database, a report was run comparing the ages of Meridian’s current temporary workforce against the workforce in 2011.

The findings show that in 2011, Meridian had a temporary workforce of 4142 temps. The average age was 38, the oldest candidate was 76 and the youngest was 17. 1041 temps were aged over 49.

In 2014, the average age is 36, the oldest age is 77 and the youngest is 16. 1150 temps are aged 50 or above.

So the figures show that while the average age has dropped, Meridian does have more temps aged 50+ working than ever before.

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