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almost 8 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Transport Modellers - the world is your oyster

Transport Modellers
Writing a blog must be like being a radio DJ: you can talk all day long - or write for weeks on end - and you will never really know whether there is anyone out there listening. It's a dark void where you put your thoughts out there and more often than not, they will be lost in the ether and there won’t even be an echo.

However, when you never know. It might be that this leads to something. Someone out there might hear the random ramblings of a Transportation recruiter and think that some of it is useful; some of it is nonsense and some of it is the random ramblings of a rhetorically reclusive recruiter reciting reports relating to rail, roads, runways and ramblers... See?

This week we have requests coming in from Australia, from Qatar, from Dubai and across the UK. It is all for similar things, which you would expect being so specialised in one market: Transport Modelling. I don’t need to sit here and tell people that the recession is over. It was over 12 months ago, but Transport Modelling seems to be a microcosm of the wider economic issues of the world. Australia went flat for bit, it has now picked up. This mirrors the general Australian economy. Same with Dubai – having not really been in the market for years, now consultancies are looking to grow.

This is having a knock on effect: who is going to leave the UK, Australia or Dubai to go and work in Qatar? The jobs are plentiful and perhaps paying more in areas where there are more school places/free school places/plentiful apartments...


However, on the flip side, there is little doubt that Qatar is at the cutting edge of transport infrastructure projects. It is pushing the boundaries and with the FIFA 2022 project well underway, there is a chance to work on what I imagine will be one of the greatest sporting spectacles the world has ever witnessed.

People can begin to consider where it is on Earth and on what projects they wish to work on when they speak to me. The world is their oyster, if they just so happen to be able to use VISSIM, VISUM, Cube or Saturn...