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over 7 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Are you a Passive or Active job seeker?

Are You A Passive Or Active Job Seeker
Are you in the Passive or Active camp when it comes to new career opportunities? Understanding which camp you’re in, and how to change camps if that’s what you decide is vital to your career success.   




You’ll have a profile on LinkedIn but it’s likely this isn’t completely up-to-date. You may have not paid much attention in building up your network, asking for non-colleague recommendations or ensuring you’re an All Star LinkedIn profile holder but there’s plenty of time and it doesn’t mean you’ve become an ACTIVE job seeker.

There is an urban myth that if you have a 100% complete profile and you are a committed user of LinkedIn then you MUST be job hunting and we know this absolutely is not always the case. LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for networking, information gathering and word of mouth recommendations for products or services you would otherwise be oblivious to.

In order to ensure that you’re ‘job-ready’ for when the time comes that you wish to have a career move LinkedIn IS your online CV and so it’s important that whilst you’re not job hunting, you at least look the part. Let’s say you’re invited to a party, you’re not sure if you’re going to go but you have the outfit ready on stand-by.


You’re already dressed in the outfit but you’re searching for the party. It’s that old cliché of being dressed-up with nowhere to go and who wants that?! To find the right party for you (we’re really talking about your perfect career opportunity) it’s always best to focus on what it is you really like.

So if you’re active, you’ll know already the type of career opportunity you’re looking for. Your LinkedIn profile will be pristine, with glowing non-colleague recommendations (ask suppliers NOT your friends for recommendations!). For recruiters LinkedIn can be an oracle of quality talent. This talent is in high demand so you should make sure that you do everything you can to become an All Star profile. For tips on how to achieve this, please read our blog article Get Your All Star LinkedIn Profile. You can also build your authority on topics that you are an expert in by publishing content that people can share. This not only attracts recruiters (as you really know what you’re talking about) and new employers but your existing employers too. If it’s career development you’re after then it’s always worth putting a bit more effort in and working with your marketing teams or manager to ensure your content is helping to build your company’s brand.

Once LinkedIn is sorted, it’s time for job searching on job boards. Ensure you enter the exact criteria for the best results. When applying for vacancies PLEASE ensure that you write original letters, not re-hashed versions of generic letters. Original letters or emails that have been given some thought and time to craft really do stand out. Dedicating the time to do this is a must, if you want to stand out from the crowd at a party you spend time getting ready, you don’t turn up after 5 minutes in the bathroom (unless you’re Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt). Prepare to make an impact when applying for vacancies, that’s the key to getting through the filtering process recruiters and employers go through every single day.

This is all about strategic career planning. You are either an active or passive job seeker mode. There are clever ways you can execute a plan to achieve your career goals but it is vital to plan or you will fail. Understand your goals and take action.