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about 8 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Spring into Summer

Spring Into Summer

Summer is just around the corner so why have you still not done that Spring clean at work?! There’s still time to dust-off your desk and that to-do list and here’s how...

Firstly, there’s one point to clear up. There is always a psychologist and a piece of research telling us what we should do, why we should do it and how it could change our working life. This isn’t necessarily nonsense but this blog is based on opinion only, no science or painful polls or surveys involved, just experience.

  1. Kick your email habit! Email seems to be the most popular method of communication. I personally receive over 100 emails each day, some nonsense and many I have to deal with. I’m not saying everyone should use the phone, quite the contrary, it seems that when a phone rings in the office it’s a HUGE distraction, how dare they interrupt my email flow! Churning through email is a constant distraction. Simply allocate time to check emails, once an hour if that’s adequate enough for you to get your fix. You will start to feel so much more productive and you’ll get used to your new way of working in no time. Simply delete all of the nonsense, leave that in your deleted folder in case you deleted something by mistake! Just keep your Inbox Spring cleaned, it’s less intimidating seeing 40 emails in there instead of 4000!
  2. Avoid Drama! If you dislike watching soaps at home then why get involved in drama at work? This again is hugely distracting and by avoiding unnecessary distractions your productivity levels will be massively improved. Stand up for what you believe in and defend your corner of course but avoid drama that does not concern you.
  3. Take a Break. How many times have you had ‘one of those days’ and you just can’t wait to get home. Instead of wishing the day away, take a break, have a walk around your building if that’s possible. Or better still, take a walk outside now the weather (is supposed to be?!) getting warmer. Sitting at a desk or being stood up or in a car all day is enough to give anyone cabin-fever. Having a change of scene, even for 15 minutes will help to clear your head and re-focus for the rest of the day.
  4. Focus. It’s the hardest thing sometimes to be self-motivating when you’re trying your best to kick your email habit and avoid office dramas but often it can be the easiest thing to do too. Simply by saying ‘no’ to people and by ensuring you are focused on your own role and delivering your outputs the best way you know how then the reward you get from this is a boost to your self-esteem. Everyone lacks focus at one time or another, sometimes it’s a change of scene, a workshop or seminar (free of course!) that will give you that steer in the right direction. That clarity you needed to clear the fog of the mundane and all time-consuming distractions.
  5. Feeling Frustrated? If after reading this blog and staring at yourself in the mirror long and hard you still feel frustrated at work then you need to read our next blog; Learn to Love or Leave. Like in any relationship, you can fall out of love with work for many different reasons, this blog will help you to identify which camp you’re in.