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about 8 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Learn to Love or Leave

Learn To Love Or Leave

Below is a simple action plan on how to learn to love your job or leave. The fundamental message to remember here is that you have the control; you either learn to love your job or you choose to leave it. Read our blog article on how to resign if you already know which choice you’re making!

Question Your Role


Sometimes after a holiday you get back into the office and think, ‘what do I actually do’? Well that question needs to be asked more frequently. By reminding yourself of your core responsibilities, it helps to give you clarity and in turn this makes you more focused and productive. It can even help with the efficiency rating too!

Before any of this can be achieved, it’s useful to work through the following checklist:

  • Define what it is you actually do – look at how much time you’re wasting!
  • Define what it is you should be doing – you’ll be amazed!
  • Cherry-pick to learn to love - work on the juicy bits today to get your mojo back
  • Minimise the mundane! Control your email addiction to reduce distractions and time wasted, avoid office drama and be task-focused
  • Gain perspective – an off-site workshop, networking event or time-out can greatly help to clarify what it is you like about what you do. Is it the job you’re not in love with any more or the actual company you work for?

If after working through this checklist you still have little or no desire to work with your present employer for any longer then Meridian Business Support is here to help! We don't always have jobs with huge salaries or infinite power, but we try to make you happy.

"I’m just dropping this quick email to say thank you very much for finding me this job. I love my job, I love people I work with and it’s amazing. For the first time in a long time I feel happy and all this because of you who gave me this fantastic opportunity."

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