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about 8 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Social Job Hunting


23 Apr 14 - 3:12PM  | Job Hunting Tips

  • 94% of companies will use Social Media for recruiting in 2014
  • 93% of companies will view a candidate’s social profile after they apply
  • 78% of recruiters have made a hire through Social Media in 2013
  • 68% of companies offer a referral compensation program*



Learn more about companies you have an interest in working for by visiting their social pages. Many organisations have company pages on Facebook and LinkedIn and official Twitter accounts, where you can learn about their culture and available jobs.

Create an online Personal Brand. Your online brand is how you are represented and portrayed through your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc profiles. Use your social profiles to engage with companies online.

Use LinkedIn to identify hiring decision makers or department managers in companies you’d like to work for. Don’t go straight in for the kill though. You wouldn’t just hand your CV to somebody in the real world without building some rapport or conversation with them first and you aim to do the same online. Engage in relevant conversation about your industry or investigate deeper and find their Facebook or Twitter accounts to see what makes them tick. Are they football fans? Cooking enthusiasts?

*Stats from Jobvite 2013