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about 8 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Best Email Reply Ever?


In a Meridian branch far far away (Taunton), a recruitment consultant unwittingly writes an email to which quite possibly the greatest reply is ever given. Star Wars nerds hang onto your lightsabers!

"Hello, hope this communication finds you in full fettle!! I’m fine...not that you care!! I called yesterday and left a message for you to get back to me...still waiting!! (lol)"


Episode IV: The Reply

Hello Obi Wan Karonion. Nobody tells me nuffin here and when I find out who did not pass on your message I will make them eat six wagon wheels in one go. As I have mortally offended you by not replying to the holographic message that my little Customer Service reptiles did not pass on I will entertain you with news from The Death Star.

Currently we are short of Warehouse Ewoks on my home planet because of an attack by the Sith Lords but until the Galactic Council can meet to decide how many more Ewoks we can enslave to work for the Empire I am unable to request help from the far planet of Meridian.

I am aware of a future mass attack from the Galaxy of Purchaseiere due to the Intergalactic Arena Games Finals which will occur in the next few weeks so am hopeful the Galactic Council will authorise an army of Ewoks for picking soon.

Until then you can rest assured we have formed no other alliance with any other provider of Ewoks and we hope the expected attack from Purhaseiere comes soon so that the Galaxy of Meridian can work with us to rid the Empire of cheap nasty swimwear.

May the force be with you.

Can you top that?