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over 8 years ago by Eavanne Allen

Ask Us Anything - Answered! (March 2014)

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I worked with Meridian for a few months between jobs. I have never received a paycheck. I am lead to believe they are available online. How do I access these payslips? Is it legal to with-hold wage slips from employees?

We're sorry that you have found it difficult to access your payslip and we thank you for the feedback and the opportunity to improve our process. Meridian Business Support is committed to reducing its affect on the environment through a number of initiatives including the reduction of unnecessary printing. Therefore Meridian encourages employees to not print emails and payslips are sent and accessed electronically.

To view your payslip online please click here and complete the required fields. If you're unsure of the required details, please contact your branch. Click here to download a guide for future reference.

In terms of payslip rights, the online government payslip page states:

People who work don’t have the right to a payslip if they’re:

  • not an employee, eg contractors, freelancers or ‘workers’ - read about the different types of employment status
  • in the police service
  • a merchant seaman, master or crew member working in share fishing (paid by a share in the profits or gross earnings of a fishing vessel)

Click here to visit the Government page

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