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over 8 years ago by James Bell

Rudolph the Highly-Skilled Reindeer


Christmas is here again, the songs are on repeat in the shops, adverts are encouraging you to buy loads of gifts and the Christmas Facebook banners are up. At this time of the year many people are looking for seasonal work or extra cash to ease the financial burden of the festive period. Which brings me nicely to Rudolph the Highly-Skilled Reindeer

The story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer isn’t only a cherished children’s Christmas tale, but also an important allegory concerning skills in the workplace. Rudolph was basically bullied by his co-workers who found his nose to be an object of ridicule, but when his boss is faced with difficult weather conditions, it's Rudolph’s very same nose that saves the day.

The lesson? Skills are important, especially as companies are trying to weather difficult economic conditions. Employers often want more from their candidates, as that person may need to help cover a couple of different roles and it’s great to have employees that have flexible skills to help out in the workplace. You never know what a prospective employer (or even your current employer) might be looking for, so be sure to let them know everything that you think is relevant, both to your own position and your colleagues. 

In short, learn lots of skills. Go on courses whenever you can, especially free ones, that’s free money really. Anything you can put on your CV or tell your manager about is excellent and don’t worry about what your colleagues might think. This isn’t school, it’s good to be positive about learning new things, no-one will laugh or call you names and you’ll still get to play all the reindeer games (let’s face it there’s nothing crueler than children and reindeer!). 

Going on courses through work or outside of work that are free, paid-for or even taught by your friends will give you great confidence and extra opportunities in work; make you a more desirable candidate and will keep your skill-set fresh and current. If you want to develop your career, you should first develop yourself and maybe you’ll go down in history! 

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