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over 8 years ago by James Bell

Second Interview


The Second Interview is much like the 3rd round in the X-Factor. Stay with me here, I’m going somewhere with this! So if submitting your CV is the open auditions and the first interview is like attending Boot Camp, your second interview is similar to going to Judges’ Houses. 

Reasons why your Second Interview is similar to going to the Judges’ Houses on X Factor:

  • Your interviewer liked what they saw the first time and wants to see if you have the potential to go all the way
  • Sometimes the second interview will be held in a less formal setting, away from the actual place of work
  • Your interviewer may bring in another senior member of staff for another opinion of you
  • You will most likely be asked to perform a task or presentation (this may or may not be singing) we know this has been done!
  • You are competing against others who have also been brought back for a second interview

How to progress to the next round:

Just as much preparation is needed at the Judges’ Houses second interview as in the first. Review what went well and be prepared to expand on some of the points you made in your first interview. If you’ve been invited back to a second interview, it means that you can probably do the job, but are you the best fit for the company? 

Have a can-do, positive attitude that reflects your ability to meet the required demands of the position and tell them about extra skills that they didn’t even know they wanted, but actually would be great for the company.

If you are asked to prepare a presentation ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it accurately satisfy the brief?
  • Are there any errors?
  • Have you practiced it?

If your second interview is a less formal location, remember to still dress smartly and act appropriately. If you’re meeting other members of staff, address them too when answering questions.

Lastly if you are offered the job on the spot, don’t accept it straight away. It’s not unreasonable to ask for some time to consider the offer. After all, your opinion of the company might have changed and you might feel that the atmosphere isn’t right for you.

Unlike X-Factor this isn’t your one and only chance to make it.

Disclaimer: Ways a Second Interview is not like the Judges’ Houses from X Factor.

  • You won’t be in flown in by helicopter
  • A sob story will not give you the edge
  • Being unable to do your job, but being a wacky character is not a desirably quality

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