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over 8 years ago by James Bell

A day off is nice, but...

A Day Off Is Nice

My timetable is a two-week, 50-lesson cycle, covering a timetable whilst the usual incumbent develops new schemes of work.

Nothing unusual about that. 

This week I get Tuesday and Wednesday off. In some ways great, but if you want to eat anything other than own brand white label then days elsewhere would be good.

7.45 am 

So I'm sitting here waiting for the phone. Hmmm showered, shaved, work clothes waiting on the back of the chair. Breakfasted, lunch packed, second coffee at hand. Radio on Local station, need traffic updates if a late call comes.

Rang all my agencies yesterday, responses pretty uniform "Very quiet, bound to pick up soon, there'll be plenty of work after half term!" You know the sort of thing.

So I'm sitting here pondering "Why?" My current bunch of pupils are settling down, not nicely, but still settling.

I'm listening to a number of experts discussing GCSE and musing "Would their perspective be different if they taught the pupils I teach, where I teach them?" 

My answer definitely!

Stephen Connolly is a working supply teacher who has been with Meridian Business Support since 2010.