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over 8 years ago by James Bell

Searching for Jobs

Searching For Jobs

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Step 2: Searching for Jobs

Job hunting is as much work as a regular job. Try starting in the morning and searching into the afternoon. Whether you’re using that time to work on your CV, look for jobs or doing something constructive to put on your CV, keeping momentum is an important part of finding a job. It’s hard work applying and dealing with rejection or worse hearing nothing back at all, but it’s good to keep a positive mental attitude otherwise you’ll find yourself just going positively mental. Job hunting is a numbers game and the more you apply for, the more likely you are to find a job whether you’re going through a recruitment agency like Meridian Business Support or not.

Busy Busy Busy

Stay pro-active and keep yourself in a routine of getting up early; that way when you do find a job it won’t be such a shock to the system when you’re getting up at 7 in the morning to go to work and you have a longer day to enjoy.

Be bold and enterprising, while you may not be a suitable candidate for a position you’ve found, that employer is obviously searching for somebody to join their team. If you feel that you have some of the skills and that all you’re maybe lacking is experience, don’t be afraid to contact them anyway. Explain how you found the job vacancy online and despite not being a suitable candidate if they have the time you would love to come in for a placement and gain some experience. The worse they will say is no and at best you could gain some valuable industry experience, plus if they really like you and you impress them at the very least you will be considered the next time a similar position becomes open.

Networking and Contacts

Similarly, as well as searching for jobs, research companies that you would like to work for. Get in contact with someone in recruitment or the head of the department you would like to work in and ask if you could come in for a visit. Again this could lead to something exciting, like a placement, a mock interview or some advice on getting the job you want.

Positive mental attitude people. It’s what success is built on. These small things can really impress an employer; it shows that you have drive and determination. It’s a great way to bolster your CV, gain experience and keep the skills that you have sharp for when you do get a job. Sometimes it’s just about doing something a little of different and while you might not put all of these suggestions into practice, changing one or two things about how you job hunt will change your job hunting results.

Meridian Business Support is a great tool and resource to aid in your job hunting efforts, with job vacancies being added everyday visit regularly to find a great job. To stay in touch with all our live vacancies and candidate tips and tricks follows us on twitter or like us on facebook.

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