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over 8 years ago by James Bell

Apply for a Job

Apply For A Job

Step 3: Applying for a Job 

So you’ve written your CV, you’ve been searching for jobs and now you’re applying for a position that you’d be perfect for. Time to flex your writing muscles again, because this is where a cover letter is needed. The cover letter is your handshake to a potential employer and like a good handshake it should be brief and make a positive impression.

The first thing you should do is look for a contact name, so you can make it personal. It’s a great reflection on the applicant if the cover letter is tailored specifically for the companyyou’re applying for. If there isn’t a contact name available to address the letter to, just start with “Dear Sir/Madam”.

It's All Relevant

It would be fantastic if you could print the job description off and taking a pen to it, highlight all the necessary and desirable qualities and skills the position asks for and the duties they list the role will involve. By describing examples of when you showed these skills or performed these duties in previous, you are explicitly showing that you are a great candidate for the role.

An excellent cover letter ought to be three of four fairly short paragraphs that run at a maximum of 300 words. The opening paragraph should be a brief mixture of yourself and your qualities, a bit like the personal statement from your CV. This is the icebreaker where you start matching some of your general skills with the job description.

Skill Linking

The next two or three paragraphs should be about your previous jobs or work experience; describing how you displayed the qualities you would need for this job role. Write specifically about when you showed these qualities.

By the end of the cover letter you should have mentioned in some way every skill they want the candidate to have. Now do your research. Go on the company website, give them a call, go there in person and look around. Do anything you can so that you can put something unique about that company to explain why you would love to work for them.

Now go back to your CV and tweak it specifically for this job role. Taking away points where you’ve highlighted unnecessary qualities and adding back in duties performed or skills that are relevant to the job description. Going back to the advice I offered in CV Writing, print off the cover letter and check it by eye. Once you’re happy that your CV and cover letter are perfect send it to with the confidence that you have done everything possible to give yourself the best chance of earning an interview.

Write a cover letter, attach it to your CV and send it to a fantastic Meridian recruitment consultant by applying for a jobthrough the website today. 

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