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over 8 years ago by James Bell

The Office Look: Summer Sales


Summer has arrived and with it come the sales, if not the weather. I love the sales season; nothing makes me happier than seeing the word ‘Sales’ on a bright red background. 

All sorts of skills come to hand, maths skills crank into overdrive, working on the discount and how much I'm saving. My ability to self debate, with arguments, counter-arguments and supporting evidence (the amount I'm saving, the x + y = z (where x = the cost of the product, y = number of occasions to wear it and z = value) or how I don’t have a similar item in my wardrobe). 

I don’t encourage buying everything in sight during the sale period, because a few months down the line you will be thinking why and most likely donating it with the price tag still on. Here are some of my tips for shopping in the sale. 


  • Splurge on classic work pieces: it’s much better to have one great shirt than having five average shirts at a lower price.
  • Try everything on: only buy it, if it fits you properly. A bargain isn't a bargain if you don't wear it.
  • Check the sales policy: every shop has a different returns policy on sale items. Although something might fit in the store, you can't know how well it will go with the rest of your wardrobe. Some stores will offer cash, some credit and some might not take back sales items.
  • Further reduction: most shops do further reduction two weeks after they start. So if you see a top and there’s quite a few in your size, hold the temptation, as it will most likely be reduced further.

Here's what I've found so far...



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