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almost 9 years ago by James Bell

Pay: bad. Work: hard. Survival: unlikely. Interested?


This is the job description from Ernest Shackleton, recruiting for his 1915 “Imperial Trans-Atlantic Antarctic Expedition”. Shackleton succinctly outlines what candidates would experience in a less than flattering light. Nonetheless such was his fame and great interest in the expedition that he received more than 5,000 applications. 

How many people today would apply for this position? Why would you? There’s very little on there to attract most sane men and women. There are many aspects candidates consider when applying for a job. Location; career prospects; work culture and the big one; pay. Sometimes it can be hard to deduce from a modern job description exactly what you can expect, but Shackleton makes it pretty clear in his. You won’t be close to home. It’s going to be hard work; if you survive you might be promoted into to the position of a man who perhaps wasn’t as lucky. The pay is barely worth the name and you can read between the lines to assume that it will probably be rather unsociable working hours.

In the end, the “Imperial Trans-Atlantic Antarctic Expedition” was not a success. The Endurance, captained by Ernest Shackleton sank and the crew were adrift, surviving on ice floes for almost 2 months before making land again 497 days after setting sail. Despite this, despite failing in almost all his expeditions and ventures, Shackleton and his crew remain legends. Not for what they earned, not for their glamorous lifestyles, because sometimes the job is bigger than the job description.

So the next time you see a job and the pay isn’t the best or the location isn’t ideal, just think; how great would this look on my CV? Thankfully you don't need a Trans-Atlantic Antarctic Expedition to make your CV shine, just visit the Meridian Business Support website and let the Recruitment Specialist find you something amazing.